Total Number of Current Programs : 207
QPA/SS Program # Pricing Sheets Amend Mod BuyerCommodityVendorEffectiveExpiresExtend to Pol. Sub
22-95A Pricing Sheet HazelBituminous Mix Program - Season #2Multiple11/01/202203/31/2023No
22-96A Pricing Sheet HazelAsphalt Emulsion Program - Season #2Multiple11/01/202203/31/2023No
23-005A   WalkerContainment and Cleanup of Spills Impacting Roadways Maintained by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) - Season #2Hepaco, LLC01/01/202306/30/2023 
23-005B   WalkerContainment and Cleanup of Spills Impacting Roadways Maintained by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) - Season #2Indiana Spill Response, LLC01/01/202306/30/2023 
23-006A   WalkerSafety Boot Program - Season #2Red Wing01/01/202306/30/2023 
23-006B   WalkerSafety Boot Program - Season #2Safety Shoe01/01/202306/30/2023 
23-006C   WalkerSafety Boot Program - Season #2The Uniform House01/01/202306/30/2023 
23-018 Pricing Sheet LandSnowplow Parts Program - Season #1Multiple10/01/202203/31/2023No
23-01A Vendor Price Sheet VACANTTraffic Signals, Accessories & Electrical Components; Season 2Various01/01/202306/30/2023 
23-02A   VACANTIntelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program; FY 23 Term #2Various01/01/202306/30/2023 
23-03A   VACANTPipe, Liner Pipe, & Pipe Accessories Program; FY23, Term #2Various01/01/202306/30/2023 
23-065   HazelSeal Coat (SC) Program Season 1Mulitple01/01/202306/30/2023No
23-066 Pricing Sheets HazelAggregate Materials Program - Season 1Various01/01/202306/30/2023 
23-074   LandDump Truck Parts & Maintenance Items ProgramMultiple01/01/202306/30/2023No
23-090 Pricing Sheets HazelAsphalt Emulsion Program - Season 1Various04/01/202310/31/2023 
23-091 Pricing Sheet HazelBituminous Mix Program - Season #1Multiple04/01/202310/31/2023 
23-17A   LandVehicle Parts (Ford & Dodge) Program - Season #2Multiple01/01/202306/30/2023No
23-18A Pricing Sheet LandSnowplow Parts Program - Season #2Multiple04/01/202309/30/2023No
23-54A Pricing Sheet LandEquipment Rental Program - Season #2Multiple03/01/202309/30/2023No
27423  1 HermannOverSize OverWeight Permitting System (OSOWPS)ProMiles Software Development Corp08/01/201807/31/2026No
31150   HermannMaxView Traffic Signal System SoftwareTraffic Control Products, Inc.01/01/201912/31/2023No
32264   LandUnder-Bridge Inspection Trucks - Annual InspectionAspen Aerials, Inc04/01/202003/31/2024No
32947   HermannTREDIS Economic SoftwareEconomic Development Research Group, Inc.05/01/201904/30/2023No
33151   HermannEquipmentWatch Cost Recovery aka Rental Rate Blue BookInforma Business Media, Inc. dba EquipmentWatch06/01/201905/31/2023No
34721   HermannDriver Safety TrainingNational Safety Council04/01/201903/31/2023No
34998  1 WalkerHVAC Maintenance at ITS Shelter LocationsAlpha Mechanical Service, Inc.11/01/201906/30/2023No
35125  1 HermannMyTurn Software, PBC06/01/202005/31/2024No
35876   HermannCollection ServicesMed Shield, Inc.07/01/201906/30/2023 
35877   HermannCollection ServicesAshwood Financial, Inc.07/01/201906/30/2023 
36534   HermannAgileAssets Upgrade and SubscriptionAgileAssets, Inc.07/01/201906/30/2024No
37726   HermannDynamic Shear Rheometer Preventative Maintenance and CalibrationAnton Paar USA, Inc.08/01/201907/31/2023No
37997  1, 2 LandJOMA Plow BladesWinter Equipment Company11/01/201910/31/2023No
38024  1, 2 HermannAVL System & ServicesParsons Transportation Group, Inc.11/01/201910/31/2023Yes
38635  1, 2, 3, 4 HermannWide Format Multifunctional Systems LeaseEastern Engineering Supply Inc.12/01/201910/31/2023No
39936  1 HermannHazardous Substances - Annual InspectionTestAmerica Laboratories, Inc. dba Eurofins TestAmerica01/01/202012/31/2024 
40659   HermannCalibration Services for Asphalt Mix Performance Tester and Universal Testing Machine (UTM-30 High Performance)Instrotek02/01/202001/31/2024No
41746   HermannPix4D Mapper SoftwareSeiler Instrument and Manufacturing Co, Inc.04/01/202003/31/2024Yes
41886   HermannGranicus Advanced PackageGranicus LLC05/01/202004/30/2024No
42056   HermannWeb Based Traffic Count Database ApplicationMidwestern Software Solutions, LLC07/01/202006/30/2024Yes
42285   HermannKiowareAnalytical Design Solutions Inc dba Kioware08/01/202007/31/2024No
42310   VACANTATSI Test Equipment - Recalibration & MaintenanceAthens Technical Specialists, Inc06/01/202005/31/2024Yes
42577   HermannAASHTOWare ProductsAASHTO07/01/202006/30/2024No
43273   LandLubra Seal & Neutro WashRhomar Industries07/01/202006/30/2024No
44092  1 HermannWeather Services and MDSSDTN, LLC10/01/202009/30/2023No
44196   HermannSIDRA Maintenance Roundabout Design SoftwareAkcelik & Associates (SIDRA)11/01/202010/31/2024No
44218  1, 2, 3 LandSnow Trucks - Single AxleMC Equipment, Inc.08/01/202007/31/2024No
44219  1, 2, 3 LandSnow Trucks - Tandem AxleMC Equipment, Inc08/01/202007/31/2024 
44324   WalkerElevator Maintenance and Repairs - Fort WayneKone, Inc.09/01/202008/31/2024 
44348   WalkerHVAC & Temperature Control Systems (Mitsubishi) for ResearchSycamore Engineering, Inc.09/01/202008/31/2024 
44443   HermannBids Tabs ProfessionalOman Systems, Inc.11/01/202006/30/2024Yes
44590   WalkerEmergency Generators Preventative Maintenance for Seymour DistrictGenset Service, LLC.09/01/202008/31/2024 
44591   WalkerEmergency Generators Preventative Maintenance for Fort Wayne & Laporte DistrictsThe W.W. Williams Company, LLC09/01/202008/31/2024 
44593   WalkerEmergency Generators Preventative Maintenance for Crawfordsville , Greenfield and Vincennes DistrictsEvapar, Inc.09/01/202008/31/2024 
44733   WalkerHVAC & Temperature Control Systems (Trane) for ResearchTrane11/01/202008/31/2024 
44951  1 WalkerHVAC & Temperature Control Systems Preventative MaintenanceAlpha Mechanical Service, Inc. dba Alpha Energy Solutions09/01/202008/31/2024 
45142   HermannMerlin-DASH Software Maintenance & SupportThe Best Center (University of Maryland)11/01/202010/31/2024No
45719   HermannTransCAD, TransModeler and Maptitude SoftwareCaliper Corporation12/01/202011/30/2024Yes
46047   HermannMiovision Video Based Traffic Data CollectionMiovision Technologies Inc.11/01/202010/31/2024No
47312   HermannDynamic Cone Penetrometers and Light Weight DeflectometersKessler Soils Engineering Products, Inc.01/01/202112/31/2023Yes
49084   HermannOracle Database ArchitectInfinet Solutions, Inc.02/01/202101/31/2025No
49427   HermannActionstep Legal Practice Management SoftwareActionstep, Inc.03/01/202102/28/2025Yes
50380  1 WalkerMowing for Greenfield District Lots & Borman TMCMoellman Land Maintenance, LLC05/01/202111/30/2024 
50739   HermannGeospatial Desktop ProgramIntergraph Corporation04/01/202103/31/2025Yes
50905   HermannTranscend Spatial Solutions Software and ServicesTranscend Spatial Solutions, LLC04/01/202103/31/2025Yes
51246  1 VACANTAttenuators - Energy Absorption SystemsThe Hoosier Company, Inc.04/01/202103/31/2023Yes
51284   VACANTCable Barrier & Replacement Parts - Safence High TensionGregory Industries, Inc.04/01/202103/31/2023Yes
51442   HermannOn-line Safety Data Sheets with Storage SoftwareKelleher, Helmrich & Associates, Inc.07/01/202106/30/2025Yes
51460   LandPM Kits for Snow TrucksCummins, Inc04/01/202103/31/2023No
51470   VACANTCable Barrier & Replacement Parts - GibraltarHGMC Supply, Inc.04/01/202103/31/2023No
51804   HermannServiceNow Technical SupportCarahsoft Technology Corporation06/01/202105/31/2025No
51962   HazelCement - Non-Epoxy Portland Concrete SealerMCE Investments, Inc.05/01/202104/30/2023 
52038   HazelAsphalt Patching Compound & BinderJamnet Suppliers, LLC05/01/202104/30/2023 
52072   HazelConcrete - Cold PatchBart Richard Woodward Corporation05/01/202104/30/2023 
52158   WalkerSecurity Systems Monitoring at Ohio River Bridges OfficeDallmann Systems, Inc.06/01/202105/31/2025 
52171   WalkerAlarm Monitoring – Seymour DistrictMultiguard Corporation06/01/202105/31/2025 
52184   HazelCement - AsphaltKM International06/01/202105/31/2023Yes
52230   LandEmergency Fuel ServicesMacro Companies, Inc05/01/202104/30/2025No
52243   WalkerFire Suppression System and Door Security Access Systems Monitoring for Vincennes DistrictTin Security, LLC06/01/202105/31/2025 
52466   HermannHaul Hub ETicketing SoftwareHaul Hub Inc.11/01/202110/31/2025No
52472   HermannSAS Software & SupportExecutive Information Systems, LLC.08/01/202107/31/2025Yes
52605   HermannServiceNow LicensesCarahsoft Technology Corporation06/01/202105/31/2025Yes
52619   HermannBad Elf Survey EquipmentBart Richard Woodward Corporation07/01/202106/30/2025Yes
52877   WalkerLift Bridge Operation for US 12 over Lake George CanalDependable Tree and Maintenance Service, LLC07/01/202103/31/2025 
53005   HazelConcrete - Rapid Setting Patch MaterialUnited States Gypsum Company06/01/202104/30/2023 
53241   WalkerSecurity & Fire System Services for Laporte DistrictCommunication Company06/01/202105/31/2025 
53242   WalkerSecurity & Fire System Services for Gary Subdistrict & Borman TMCPer Mar Security and Research Corp.06/01/202105/31/2025 
53430   HermannApplication & Database Design and DevelopmentSondhi Solutions, LLC07/01/202106/30/2025Yes
53536   WalkerSeparate Street Sweeping Material Servies for Gary SubdistrictWiltjer Properties, Inc.07/01/202106/30/2025 
53563   LandIsopropanol for Facility & Vehicle Infectious Disease TreatmentTranstar Autobody Technologies07/01/202106/30/2025No
53635   LandAerial Devices - Inspection & TestingDiversified Inspections07/01/202106/30/2023No
53865   WalkerWastewater Treatment Plants Operation & Maintenance - StatewideAstbury Water Technology, Inc.08/01/202107/31/2025 
53866   WalkerPotable Water TestingAstbury Water Technology, Inc.08/01/202107/31/2025 
54043   HermannRWIS Software Cloud HostingThe Hoosier Company, Inc.10/01/202109/30/2023No
54074   WalkerOil Water Separator & Underground Tank Waste Vacuum Pumping, Transportation & DisposalInserv, Inc.08/01/202107/31/2025 
54306   LandSpray Injection Road Repair System (Total Patcher models T-7500 & Vortex)Equipment Marketing Company08/01/202107/31/2023No
55757  1 WalkerJanitorial Services & Consumables at Henryville Rest AreaBlue River Services, Inc.09/01/202109/30/2023 
55758  1 WalkerJanitorial Services & Consumables at Wolcott and Kankakee Rest AreasCDC Resources, Inc.09/01/202109/30/2023 
55759  1 WalkerJanitorial Services & Consumables at Lizton and Lebanon Rest Areas & Spring Creek and Clear Creek Welcome CentersChild-Adult Resource Services, Inc.09/01/202109/30/2023 
55761  1 WalkerJanitorial Services & Consumables at Batesville Welcome CenterNew Horizon Rehabilitation, Inc.09/01/202109/30/2023 
55762  1 WalkerJanitorial Services & Consumables at Nancy Hanks Rest Area and Black River Welcome CenterSouthern IN Resource Solutions, Inc.09/01/202109/30/2023 
55763  1 WalkerJanitorial Services & Consumables at Pigeon Creek Welcome CenterThe Arc of LaGrange County09/01/202109/30/2023 
56031   HazelPavement Markers - Temporary ReflectiveJamnet Suppliers, LLC11/01/202110/31/2023Yes
56206   VACANTLight Poles & AccessoriesFirst Electric Supply, LLC.10/01/202109/30/2023No
56493   HermanndTIMS CT Enterprise Asset Management SoftwareDeighton Associates LTD12/01/202111/30/2025No
56535   HazelPavement Marking - Heat Fused Reflectorized Preformed Thermoplastic (No Preheat) & ThermoplasticEnnis-Flint, Inc.11/01/202110/31/2023Yes
56715  1 LandTire DisposalLiberty Tire & Recycling10/01/202106/30/2023No
56916   WalkerFire Alarm, Fire Suppression & Sprinkler SystemsNelbud Services, LLC09/01/202008/31/2024 
56941  1 WalkerJanitorial Services & Consumables at Plainfield, Pipe Creek, Greenfield, Taylorsville & Auburn Rest Areas and Centerville & Michigan Welcome CentersNishida Services, Inc.10/01/202109/30/2023 
57136   HermannSensor Technology and Software Maintenance and WarrantyWaylink Systems Corporation07/01/202106/30/2025 
57137   LandWheel LoadersRPM Machinery10/01/202109/30/2023No
57172   WalkerLift-Levee Stations Preventative Maintenance & Inspections for Vincennes DistrictXylem Water Solutions, USA01/01/202212/31/2025 
57402   HermannActive Reports 15 Professional Edition w/maintenanceGrapeCity Inc.08/24/202108/23/2025 
57467   LandTire DisposalK & S Tire Recycling, Inc08/01/202107/31/2023No
57803   HazelConcrete - Polymeric Bridge MaterialKwik Bond Polymers LLC12/01/202111/30/2023Yes
58059   VACANTSigns - Reflective SheetingHGMC Supply, Inc.12/01/202111/30/2023Yes
58859   VACANTAttenuators - CAT Replacement PartsJames H Drew Corporation02/01/202101/31/2024No
59249   LandAircraft LeaseTom Wood Aviation12/01/202111/30/2023No
59735   LandVehicle/Equipment LightingJTN Services01/01/202212/31/2023 
59911   HazelScrap Metal (Sale) Greenfield & Seymour DistrictsRay's Trash Service, Inc.01/01/202212/31/2023 
59964   HermannSmartTagIt Mobile & Web ApplicationFactorLab Inc01/01/202206/30/2025 
60213   HermannPeople Element Engagement SurveyPeople Element, LLC02/01/202212/31/2024 
60220   VACANTAttenuators - Smart Cushion Innovations Parts & KitsRoadsafe Traffic Systems03/01/202202/28/2024Yes
60228   HazelScrap Metal (Sale) LaPorteDynamic Metal Recycling02/01/202212/31/2023 
60377   HazelScrap Metal (Sale) Vincennes & Bloomington SubdistrictDumes, Inc.02/01/202212/31/2023 
60448   HazelHerbicidesVegetation Management Solutions, LLC03/01/202202/29/2024No
60460   HermannSafety TrainingTJM Services LLC dba Safe-Way Consulting03/01/202202/28/2026 
60588  #1 VACANTAttenuators - TRACC & Replacement PartsThe Hoosier Company, Inc.04/01/202203/31/2024Yes
60794   HazelSealant - Crack & Joint (Solid Block)Crafco, Inc04/01/202203/31/2023 
60817   VACANTCable Barrier & Replacement Parts - Brifen Wire Rope Safety FenceBrifen USA04/01/202203/31/2023No
60853  1 VACANTRetroreflectometer Annual Maintenance and CalibrationEnnis-Flint, Inc.05/01/202204/30/2026Yes
60988   HermannDeionized Water Services & RegenerationEWT Holdings III Corp. dba Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC06/01/202205/31/2023 
60989  #1 VACANTWIM & VWIM Maintenance & Equipment for IRD Equipped SitesInternational Road Dynamics Corp.05/01/202204/30/2026Yes
61656   VACANTWIM & VWIM Site & Sensor Installation, Maintenance, & RepairInternational Road Dynamics Corp.05/01/202204/30/2026Yes
61996   WalkerTrash Removal Services for Crawfordsville, Greenfield and Seymour DistrictsBest Way Disposal05/01/202204/30/2024 
61997  1 WalkerTrash Removal Services for Crawfordsville DistrictBig Mac Disposal, Inc.05/01/202204/30/2024 
61998   WalkerTrash Removal Services for Crawfordsville District (Wolcott RA)Indiana Waste Service, Inc.05/01/202204/30/2024 
61999  1, 2, 3 WalkerTrash Removal Services for Crawfordsville, Ft. Wayne, Greenfield, Laporte, Seymour & Vincennes DistrictsRepublic Services of Indiana, LP05/01/202204/30/2024 
62000  1 WalkerTrash Removal Services for Greenfield, Seymour, Vincennes DistrictsRumpke of Indiana, LLC05/01/202204/30/2024 
62243   WalkerToilet Rental (I69 SB Weigh Station in Ft. Wayne)Big John's Portable Toilets05/01/202204/30/2026 
62257   HermannBlackCat Grant Management SoftwareAsk Reply, Inc. dba Panther International10/01/202209/30/2026 
62259   HermannInfoGroup Business DataData Axle, Inc.03/01/202202/28/2026 
62264  1 HermannRoadway Damage KitsFastenal Company07/01/202206/30/2024No
62277   HermannLeica SpiderNet Software, GNSS Software and FirmwareLeica Geosystems, Inc.06/01/202205/31/2026 
62484   LandAttenuator - Trailer Mounted (Arrow Boards and Changeable Message Centers)Anthony Wayne Rehabilitation Center dba Highway Safety Specialists05/01/202203/31/2024No
62497   WalkerTrash Removal Services for Vincennes District (Birdseye, Jasper, Lincoln City Field Office)Velpen Trucking & Disposal Co., Inc.05/01/202204/30/2024 
62551   WalkerTrash Removal Services for Crawfordsville District (Spring Creek, Veedersburg, Carbondale)Samuel Newlin dba T&S Trash Service05/01/202204/30/2024 
62645   HazelConcrete, Expanded Foam Slab JackingFoundation Building Materials05/01/202204/30/2023No
62765   WalkerNon-Emulsifying CleanerE.F. Rhoades & Sons, Inc.07/01/202206/30/2024 
62789  21HermannRoad Weather Information Systems (RWIS) PartsThe Hoosier Company, Inc.07/01/202206/30/2026 
62842   HazelEpoxy, Bridge DecksSika Corporation06/01/202204/30/2024No
62908   HermannBentley Software & ServicesBentley Systems, Incorporated06/01/202203/31/2025 
62965   VACANTTraffic Signal Controllers, Cabinets, & Accessories - EconoliteTraffic Control Corp.06/01/202205/31/2024Yes
63044   VACANTTraffic Signal Controllers, Cabinets, & Accessories - EagleCarrier & Gable, Inc.06/01/202205/31/2023No
63278   WalkerTrash Removal Services for Laporte District (Monticello Sub)Apex Waste, Inc.05/01/202204/30/2024 
63348  1 HermannCARS and CARS-511Castle Rock Associates, Inc.07/01/202206/30/2026 
63580   HazelDe-icer / Anti-icer with Sugar Beet Molasses Based Corrosion InhibitorK-Tech Specialty Coatings, LLC07/01/202206/30/2024 
63696   WalkerTrash Removal Services for Vincennes District (Black River WC, Oakland City and Poseyville Units)Larry Marshall Disposal, Inc.06/01/202204/30/2024 
64055  1 HermannBridge and Other Assets SoftwareSixense, Inc.07/01/202208/31/2026 
64066   HazelDe-icer with Corrosion InhibitorInserv, Inc.07/01/202206/30/2024 
64074   HermannShredding Services for Central Office, Crawfordsville and Greenfield DistrictsShredding and Storage Unlimited, LLC08/01/202207/31/2026 
64171   WalkerAccess Control Systems & Surveillance EquipmentTech Electronics06/01/202205/31/2026 
64185   HermannCompression, Force, & Displacement Verification on Testing Equipment Calibration ServicesCalser Calibrations, LLC10/01/202209/30/2026 
64207   HermannFME Subscription Software MaintenanceSafe Software, Inc.08/01/202207/31/2026 
64230   HermannMidas Finite Element Bridge Analysis & Design SoftwareMIDASoft Inc.09/01/202208/31/2026 
64349   HazelDe-icer with Corrosion InhibitorScotwood Industries, LLC07/01/202206/30/2024 
64451  1, 2 LandVehicle Graphics & Lettering (Hoosier Helper)TradeWinds Services07/01/202206/30/2026No
64765   HazelSealant - Polyurethane PCC Sealer/HealersNorthern Crack Repair & Supply10/01/202209/30/2024 
64769   HazelSealant - Structural Expansion Joint Sealing SystemJamnet Suppliers, LLC10/01/202209/30/2024 
64800   WalkerAnimal Carcass Removal for Tipton Sub-districtEndsley Rendering Services, LLC10/01/202209/30/2026 
65335   LandHotbox/Recyclers - FalconBernath, LLC09/01/202208/31/2025No
65358   WalkerDewatering System Preventative MaintenancePeerless Midwest, Inc.09/01/202208/31/2026 
65399   HazelScrap Metal (Sale) Fort WayneMetal Source, LLC09/01/202212/31/2023 
65582   HermannAuto Turn SoftwareTransoft Solutions (U.S.) Inc.10/01/202209/30/2025 
65605  1 LandDiesel LaptopsDiesel Laptops, LLC09/01/202208/31/2024No
65684   HermannCustomer Service CenterNetfor10/01/202209/30/2024 
65974   HermannBluebeam Revu SoftwareTopCon Solutions, Inc.02/01/202301/31/2024 
66293   WalkerLandfill Services for Seymour & Vincennes DistrictsRumpke of Indiana, LLC10/01/202209/30/2026 
66294   WalkerLandfill Services for Crawfordsville, Greenfield & Seymour DistrictsBest Way Disposal10/01/202209/30/2026 
66295   WalkerLandfill Services for Crawfordsville, Greenfield, Seymour & Vincennes DistrictsRepublic Services of Indiana, LP10/01/202209/30/2026 
66315   WalkerModular Office Trailer(s)All Star Manufacturing, Inc.10/01/202209/30/2025 
66872   HermannSoftware, Carlson Survey w/ IntellicadCarlson Midwest08/01/202207/31/2026 
66932   HermannThoughtspot SoftwareThoughtSpot, Inc.10/01/202209/30/2023 
67141   HazelPavement Repair Material, Perma PatchJamnet Suppliers, LLC11/01/202210/31/2024 
67474   VACANTTraffic Cones, Highway Sign Stands & DrumsHighway Safety Specialists12/01/202210/31/2024 
67634   WalkerSecurity & Fire System Services for ResearchMultiguard Corporation02/01/202303/31/2025 
67793   VACANTITS Back-End Maintenance & WarrantyConvergeOne11/01/202203/31/2026Yes
67865   HazelGlass BeadsPotters Industries, Inc.12/01/202211/30/2023 
67968   VACANTCable Barrier & Replacement Parts - NUCORThe Hoosier Company, Inc.12/01/202211/30/2024 
68180   HazelWaterborne PaintEnnis-Flint, Inc12/01/202211/30/2023Yes
68676   WalkerCar and Truck Lifts - Inspection & TestingKam Hydraulics, Inc.01/01/202312/31/2026 
68731   HermannSoftware, Kofax CaptureBerkOne, Inc.12/01/202211/30/2026 
68958   VACANTMaintenance of Building Uninterruptable Power Systems (UPS)MSC OpCo01/01/202312/31/2026 
69707   VACANTAttenuators - MASH MSKT & SKT 350BRW Corp.02/01/202301/31/2025 
70027   HermannGyratory Compactors - Calibration, Inspection, & RepairPine Test Equipment03/01/202302/28/2027 
70099   HermannSoftware, Accurint for GovernmentLexisNexis Risk Solutions02/01/202301/31/2027 
70269   WalkerElevator Maintenance and RepairsD.C. Elevator, Inc.01/01/202308/31/2024 
70337   WalkerMobile Column Vehicle Service LiftsAllied-Ott Petroleum Equipment02/01/202312/31/2023 
70371   WalkerRecycling Services - Lamp, Ballast, Battery, and Mercury Contained ItemsGFL Environmental Services USA, Inc.03/01/202302/28/2027 
70539   VACANTAttenuators - Gravel Barrel Modules & Spare PartsThe Hoosier Company, Inc.02/01/202302/28/2025 
70540   VACANTAttenuators - Gravel Barrel Modules & Spare PartsAdvantage Highway Company02/01/202302/28/2025 
70717   WalkerHazardous Waste & Shop Waste Removal Services & Supply ContainersGFL Environmental Services USA, Inc.03/01/202302/28/2027 
70796   VACANTCable Barrier & Replacement Parts - GibraltarBart Richard Woodward Corporation04/01/202303/31/2025 
70806   VACANTCable Barrier & Replacement Parts - Brifen Wire Rope Safety FenceBrifen USA04/01/202303/31/2024 
71346   HermannDriver Safety TrainingNational Safety Council04/01/202303/31/2027 
71434   VACANTAttenuators - Energy Absorption SystemsThe Hoosier Company, Inc.04/01/202303/31/2025 
71576   HermannCollection ServicesMed Shield, Inc07/01/202306/30/2027 
71683   HazelCrack & Joint Sealant (Block)Bart Richard Woodward Corporation04/01/202303/31/2025 
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